Who We Are

Have you ever bought equipment that you felt could do more if you just understood more about how it worked? The salesman or brochure may have said it could do certain things, but when you took it home, perhaps it ended up being more complicated than you thought. Yes, usually there are instructions, but you may not have the time, patience or expertise to understand what you’re reading — assuming the instructions are complete and well translated by the manufacturer. If they aren’t, you may be realizing only a small percentage of the equipment’s potential. If you don’t fully understand the correct operation and care of the equipment, you may incur unnecessary repair costs or even shorten the equipment’s productive life.

When I decided to open my own business, already having 30+ years in the industry, I got to know which products worked well, were supported by the manufacturer and I could put my reputation behind. Experience is the key. Dorado Graphix is focused on providing equipment and products that will give you the confidence to make sure your investment works as intended for your business.

When you purchase equipment or products from Dorado Graphix, we will provide installation and training. Our on-site installation packages include a thorough initial training session that covers maintenance, operational techniques and related software.

We understand that there is only so much you can absorb in one training session, so as the weeks go by there may be some confusion about what capabilities the equipment has. We will tailor your training based on your needs. Depending on the complexity of the equipment purchased, it may make more sense to break up the training into modules or multiple visits so you can master certain functions before moving onto the next. We’re ready to do whatever it takes to make your launch successful, and ensure that you’re completely comfortable with your machine.

Every piece of equipment we sell is supported by our factory trained technicians who are re-certified on an ongoing basis. The products we sell are chosen for their durability, manufacturer reputation and depth of support. It is our mission to give you a deep technical support bench, starting with our company and extending to our manufacturers to ensure you experience the least amount of down time.

We at Dorado Graphix would like to earn your business. Our team is eager to become part of your team. See what it’s like to work with a vendor who truly knows the products they sell.