The ultimate way to add value to any event

As I travel through cities and back roads I often see facilities designed to accommodate seasonal and special gatherings. Churches, fair ground, lodges, parks, concert halls, schools and convention centers, all available for private business or personal special occasion rentals. It occurs to me that a lot of these venues stand vacant much of the time. It must be important for the property managers to solicit enough revenue when they host an event to help make it through the down time — but how do they do that and stay competitive?


What Can You Do with a Hammer?

Ever wonder what you can do with a hammer? Almost everyone owns one, but what do you do with it? It’s probably safe to say most hammer owners keep one around for light duty tasks, like hanging a picture or tapping a tight fitted widget into conformation. But what if you had more complex tasks, like building a house or forming sheet metal for a car? Would you know if you had the right hammer for the job?

The Pros & Cons of Integrated Printer/Plotters

When it comes to print production, streamlining is key. Whether it’s simply finding a smaller machine or combining the tasks of two machines into one, saving space, time and money are always top priorities. But at what point does “streamlining” turn the corner and start negatively affecting productivity?

Top 3 Reasons OEM Inks Are Always Better Than Third Party

It’s human nature to try and find the best possible deal when shopping around for anything, especially when we as shoppers know that we’re going to be spending a fair amount of money either way. Oftentimes we find that, to an extent, we don’t mind sacrificing quality if it saves us that extra dollar. So it’s easy to be tempted by the savings when comparing original equipment manufacturer inks to third party inks — but what’s the real difference?